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Layout Parts and Object Sizes

Question asked by Frinholp on Sep 22, 2010


Layout Parts and Object Sizes


I'm scratching my head here as layout and object sizes don't match.

I am creating a layout that I intend to be 1280 x 600.

This consists of two parts, a header and a body.

The header is defined as 120 x 595 and the body as 480 x 595. Header vertical pixels 0 - 120 and horizontally 0 - 595. Body horizontally 120 - 600.

Yet I have two web viewer object objects in each part. Both are 1280 pixels in horizontal size. How is this? They are larger than the parts but this does not create an error.

My object in the header is 120 in height which fits perfectly and the object which is in the body starts at 120 pixels, so both seem to be sharing a pixel and gives the object in the body a height of 481. Everything seems fine when resizing the window. The idea is that the we viewers cover all the space in the layout to capture mouse clicks.

However, the strange thing is that the object in the body starts at pixel 120 but finishes at 601. How can this be when the body only covers to pixel 600 and I don't get an error stating that the object excedes the boundaries of the body part? If I stretch it to 602 however, I do.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance


EDIT: I have just realised I do have resizing issues unless the object in the body starts at vertical pixel 121