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    Layout popup menu



      Layout popup menu


      We are conversing database from FMPro v4.0 (Windows) to FMPro 9 (Advanced).We have a database with 120 layouts in it.In FMPro v4.0, when you click on the layout popup menu in the status bar, it produces a layout list that is multiple columns wide, showing all the layout names at once, so us comfortable for working. But in new version FMPro 9(Windows XP) list of forms is given by one vertical column, which requires us to scroll thru the long list of layouts. This much obstructs work.Where is a parameter in FMPro or Windows XP to control this?

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          are you sure that you need to show so many layouts in that list ?


          I don't remember that version, but the new ones let you choose which layout can be seen in that list, so the list can be as long as you want.

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            We need in mode preview to choose the layout for printing so is necessary to see all layouts  at once and quickly and simply go from one to another.



            I'm sorry, my English is very bad too.

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              This is a pretty wacky workaround, but you could create a seperate database, with a layout with loads of buttons that take you to the layouts on the other database.This would allow you to format the layout list menu exactly how you want. You would also be able to access the layout menu by clicking, Window, Layout Menu Database.


              In the new database create one script that accepts a parameter, the parameter would be the name of the layout you need to access.


              In the same script choose the Go To Layout Script step and choose layout Name By Calculation from the Specify drop down. In the calculation field add the following: "nameOfMainDatabase::" & Get ( ScriptParameter )


              Create a button and assign the script to it, but pass the appropriate parameter i.e. the name of the correct layout, formatted exactly the same as the layout name.


              You could also add more script steps, such as Go To Preview mode etc This would give you loads more felxibility than using the standard Layouts Menu Drop down.



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                There is much scripts in the database, which print the need layouts. There is buttons for scripts and the layouts too. But sometimes necessary to choose the form for printing in mode preview. And besides, I want simply to understand where is the parameter to control of this: display the popup list in multiple columns so you see all layouts at once or the popup list to the one column, that must be scrolled.


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                  Hi Marina


                  "...I want simply to understand where is the parameter to control of this: display the popup list in multiple columns ..."

                  There is NOT such control, the lonely view is a one column list view.