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Layout problem using a portal

Question asked by HowardRathbun on Sep 23, 2010
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Layout problem using a portal


I have a simple two-table database with a one to many relationship between the two tables.  I created a layout for printing and the preview mode showed 60 or so parent records per page.  (Each parent record occupies only one line on the layout)  OK so far.  I then added a portal to bring in the child table.  The number of children varies from as few as 2 to as many as 30  depending on the parent.  I made the portal big enough to hold 30  children.  I then went to preview mode and saw the parent record followed by the child records immediately underneath.  There was one parent and its children on each page of the report.  Again OK.   Of course with only one parent per page there is a lot of wasted space.   Next i clicked the slider in order to close up the child records.  Now the preview is almost correct in that the first line of each page is a parent followed by its children and then several more groups of children (depending on space) with a blank line between each children group where the associated parent should have been .  The next page is similar in that the parents are missing for all children groups except the first one at the top of the page.  I have tried every combination of slider settings and anchor settings on different combinations of the layout fields I can think of and still can't solve the problem of the missing parents.  What I am doing wrong?