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Layout problems

Question asked by BrianWilliams on Oct 13, 2011
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Layout problems


 Can someone please tell me the significance of the dotted line on the layout?  I inherited a layout where this line was making the layout quite narrow.  I couldn't drop objects to the right of it.  Searching the forum I found a suggestion to set page margins, but it didn't work.  I then found another suggestion to  go to View and turn off the Page Margins.  This let me move the solid line, and drop objects to the right of the dotted line, but they were cut off in browse mode.  After doing lots of hacking around, the objects finally show in preview mode, but I don't know why.  And I still cant move the dotted line!  Even though the layout is not to be printed, I'd still like to know where to set the page width.  I have also seen this line called by different names such as page boundry.  I tried local help, my FM Pro missing manual whose table of contents don't match the book content.   2 hours on this is enough! 

Also, I cant seem to control the widths of body parts like the header.  The width settings are greyed out in the inspector - and are set to the same value as the point where the dotted line is on the ruler.  Please tell me how to take control of this.  Thanks!