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Layout Problems - Too Many "Many-to-Many's"!

Question asked by paulyarnall on Mar 4, 2012
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Layout Problems - Too Many "Many-to-Many's"!




I'm attempting to set up a report (based on an "MDVenue" table) that will list the related records from "MDSchool" & "MDSegment". I'm very stuck! I've attached a screenshot of the relationship for reference.

The problem is, MDSchool to MDSegment is a many-to-many relationship, and I can't find a way to display this data that maintains the relationship between those two objects. Certainly anything in a portal will only ever show multiple records from either one table or the other.

The other option I wanted to explore was potentially concatenating the MDSchool names in a portal that shows records from MDSegment, but then I can't work out how to filter the MDSchool names in the calculation so that only those relevant to both MDSegment AND MDVenue are listed.


Would love some help if anyone has any ideas.