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    Layout Question



      Layout Question



      I've clipped a graphic (snapshot) from a PDF that ideally will display in a container field while viewing a "summary" layout.  This layout has data referenced from several tables...and even the container contents are linked to related tables.  Is there a technique to get a PDF to show up as a graphic...or does it need to be converted?


      Another option I'm contemplating, but seems clunky involves creating several duplicate layouts (eg., duplicate fields except for unique graphic) and to paste each relevant PDF into the background- perhaps navigate to the proper layout through a button or script.  Maybe my logic is overcomplicating things and the experts have a simple solution.  Over to you.


      Thanks- J  

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          The easiest way would be to convert it to an image file for display.


          If you have several of these, you can store them in a separate table to 'calculate' which one needs to be used for the layout. 

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            Hi David, sorry for the lengthy delay in replying...travel was much longer than expected.

            Ok, so I've converted the images into a JPG, imported them into a seperate table, each image with an individual record tagged with a title "View Description". Works well. This table is relationally linked to another with a global ID called "Table A ID". 


            In the images table, there is a pop up menu that draws from from "Table A" a bunch of inventory items. Each inventory item gets three corresponding images: "front view", "side view" and "top view" each view a unique record.  So, three records/images per inventory item.  Say 20+ different types of inventory item.


            The goal is to get a main layout that, upon selecting a particular inventory item (related to Table A), will pull each view of the item from the image table and allow me to place other correlating field information around each image.  Make sense?



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              Howdy keycoachjohn,


              At the risk of interrupting David, may I ask a leading question in addition to this one?


              You describe each item as having three corresponding images: "front view", "side view", "top view" with each image a unique record.

              You then describe each item as relating to three images (i.e. three records).


              Assuming that all "top/front/side views" are unique to the item, why not have one related record per item?  That related record would have three container fields: "top", "Side", "Front" in the single record.  Now you would only need one related record that could be related via an autoenter serial.  Your main layout would have the three fields on it as you describe, but the relationship would go back to one-to-one rather than one-to-many.


              This may make obsolete the need to calculate or sort the images as to which one goes in which container field.


              Enjoy the day!

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                Hello Ninja, thanks for the quick and effective suggestion.  Worked perfectly.  Way easier than the over-convoluted solution I was trying to cram into FM.