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    Layout question



      Layout question


      How can I add field indicator to a field when I do not have any text tile indicating it?

      It's like if I got 15 fields, and the text field names are on sub-summary part, if I enter find mode, all sub-summary parts are not visible, so as the field names on it.

      How can I add an indicator inside the field box in layout when It's empty? or under find mode?


      Thank you! 

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          When you need to perform a find and the field you wish to use is in a sub summary part, there are several options:

          1) use a script to perform a find. Set field will work to put criteria in the fields regardless of whether or not the field is on the layout.

          2) Put a second copy of the field in a different layout part. Use "hide when printing" to conceal the field when you print the layout.

          3) Perform your find on a different layout based on the same table occurrence. Layout's base on the same table occurrence (They have the same exact name in "show records from" in layout setup) share the same current record and found set so you can find and sort your records on a layout where the fields are accessible, then change layouts to the report layout.