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    Layout question



      Layout question


           I've created a database that users on Ipads will be entering data when doing energy audits.

           I have multiple tabs on my layout and the first tab has fields which will only need to be entered one time.  These fields have data for instance about the building, address, etc.   

           I only want this data to be entered once but i'm not sure how to do that since each time a new record is created this information needs to be entered again.

           I'm sure this is simple, but I haven't been able to find anything on it.


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               You'll need to describe your data model (the tables and relationships) involved.

               If you are creating multiple records and the same set of fields should always contain the same data, this sounds like a case where those fields should be fields in a related table instead of the table in which you have defined them. That way, each new record can link to this same related record and the same data will automatically appear in each new record.

               You could also specify global storage for this set of fields and then they will show the same data for each record created, but this option may take different handling if your users are connecting to a hosted database.

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                 Yes you are spot on with what i'm trying to do.   This helps...i'll play with later today to see if I can make it work