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layout question can it be done

Question asked by tommytowbar on Dec 7, 2009
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layout question can it be done



   i just need help with a layout /report i am trying to produce a price list for towbars and would like to have the manufacture name come up on every page but it only coming up on the start of the page and when a new manufacture start is it possible to have it on every page eg below



Info                           Years       PartNo         Retail                                         BarType                                      Our Price Nett             List Price A

Alfa Romeo   This to repeat on every page with the manufacture      

145 3 Door Hatchback *    94-                                     183                              Flange Towball (ZC1260A)-Required                          102.48                      183

147 3 & 5 Door Hatchback01-05         AL7000          187.5                            Flange Towball (ZC1260A)-Required                          105                          187.5

147 3 & 5 Door Hatchback01-05       AL9120           325                             Semi-automatic Horizontal Detachable Neck                 182                          325




Firemaker pro 10.0



Andy notton