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Layout qustion from a novice

Question asked by dwclynes on Dec 29, 2011
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Layout qustion from a novice


I have 2 tables, table LOC shows a list of all locations in a specific area.  There is a key field call it "ADD ID" in LOC that identifies each unique address with a unique number.  The LOC table also shows complete address, city and state, and zip.

I have a second table PEOP.  PEOP is a list of every person that lives in this area.  Many times there are several people at a given address.  PEOP also contains the same key field "ADD ID" that idenfifies each location.

A point of interest is that there are some houses or "ADD ID's" were I don't know who lives there so I would like the layout I create to show that "ADD ID" but the people fields, last name, first name, age etc. would be blank for that location.

What I want is a layout that shows every "ADD ID" or address in this area and every person that lives at every house.  In my tries so far I am getting every house but only one person at each house.

I have started this by setting up a table relationship between these 2 tables on the key that describes each unique location.

Thank you in advance for any help.