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Layout shows differently when Open Remote is used

Question asked by wedoshows on Dec 9, 2013
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Layout shows differently when Open Remote is used


     I am running FileMaker Pro 12 on a computer with Windows 7 Home Premium. It is the "home base" computer with FileMaker files which others access.

     I have three new computers in the office which are using Windows  8.   These three computers were all configured at the same time in the same way, but on one computer when we attempt to print from a "save as PDF" file the layout changes and we cannot print our a contract in the same configuration as it shows on my "server" computer.  It does not appear correctly in Preview either.  I don't understand this.   The "original" file is on my computer ... how can the computer using Open Remote change this when saving or printing from the file?   I re-installed FM on the remote computer hoping to correct the problem ... but it didn't.

     Any thoughts?