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    Layout size...I'm at my limit!?!?



      Layout size...I'm at my limit!?!?



      I have been using FileMaker for a couple years now, but am mostly self-taught.


      My question regards the allotted size for a layout on FileMaker Pro 8.5 (Academic Edition).  I am a Registration Technician at a large museum that is using FileMaker for a conservation reports. One of the layouts that I have created has grown considerably with the number of fields, and the amount of information being entered into the fields.


      I have been expanding the fields and dragging down (increasing) the size of the layout as required.  However, I seem to be at the end of the road, and it won't let me drag my lower margin down anymore.  It is at 111", which the tech specs say is the limit.


      My question is:  Is this truly a FINAL limit of size?  Or is there some way around this apparent limit?  It seems strange and arbitrary to me that this limit would be imposed.  Why can't it go on infinately, since it would only require more paper?  I wouldn't think file size would be an issue...the fields are all text with the exception of one image per record (sized down to approx. 17k).


      Additional info:  Not all fields are used to their max on each record, so I use the "slide" feature to collapse blank spaces.  However, there is inevitably at least one record that uses each field to its maximum size.  Therefore, simply making my fields smaller doesn't seem to be an option.


      Thanks very much in advance for any help or ideas that can be provided!!  The previous answers to posts have been outstanding, so I have my fingers crossed!!



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          howdy museumGuy,

          welcome to the forum.


          I'm not going to answer your question...there...I may have just saved you some reading...but try it just in case if you care to.


          I'm curious about two things:

          1. If there is an 'extender' that someone more knowing than I will answer with.  I'll watch for the post along with you...


          2. Why you wouldn't split your entry page into multiple, screen sized layouts and just have one (or two, or three) print layouts.  In some of my field-heavy Dbases, I'll split off data families (hospital info, lawyer info, accountant info, partner info) with hot buttons that perform "gotolayout".  The other layout has many other fields on that topic and a hotbutton to go back.  You could do something similar with the tab feature (it's on FMP8, I assume it's on 8.5 academic).  Your print layouts could be 111" long with sliding set.


          When you go to print, the print button would run a script of the type:

          Gotolayout [Printlayout1]


          Gotolayout [Printlayout2]


          And now you've just doubled your effective layout size.


          And if someone else knows how to extend past 111", you can ignore this post altogether...


          Hope this helps!

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               The specs do not lie. Couldn't you divide the information into smaller chunks in related records?
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              Thanks!  Yes, I will be dividing the layout into two separate (smaller) layouts.  It was never intended to get this large, but simply happened as more tests were added and new information was deemed essential.

              I really appreciate the quick and helpful answer!