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    Layout tab control



      Layout tab control


      I want to have a script or function do this.


      Doesnt matter what layout your on. it will go to a specified layout and go to the tab you want it to go to. hope this makes sence

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          Enter layout mode on the layout where you have created your tab control. Select the tab you want the script to select by clicking it twice slowly. (Don't double click it.) Then use the Name box at the top of the inspector's position tab to give this tab panel an object name.

          Return to browse mode, saving your changes to this layout.

          If you gave the tab panel "Tab Two" as its object name, this script will navigate to your layout and select that tab panel:

          Go To Layout [//specify layout for tab control here]
          Go To Object ["Tab Two"]

          Note that if you use a script parameter to pass the name of the tab panel, you can use one script, but select different tabs by using different object names for them and passing those names as a script parameter:

          Go To layout [...
          Go To Object [ Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

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            thanks alot phil i did not know this was able to be done.