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Layout to calculate one value on tables

Question asked by jackmac on Jul 28, 2014
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Layout to calculate one value on tables



     I'm trying to create a layout that will add the values in a field on three diff tables. I have three tables:

     Boxes (Box_ID, Box_Cost, Quantity, Total)

     People (Staff_ID, Hr_Rate, Quantity, Total)

     Widgets (Widget_ID, Widget_Cost, Quantity, Total)

     I want to be able to create a quote based on the info held on these layouts. The three tables have say 4 records in each. I want to be able to select which boxes are needed and total them. The the same for staff and finally for widgets. The quote table will have total Box cost, total People cost and Total Widget cost.

     I've tried using a solution I already use which involves a 'Line Items' layout which effectively adds products then totals below but as I'm drawing from three different tables, I can't get that to work.. any ideas?

     Am using FM12 Pro Adv