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Layout troubles

Question asked by BiotechGuy on Nov 3, 2009
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Layout troubles


For sake of simplicity, let's say I have one table with 5 fields. Field1 contains names of people.  Field4 has URL's that start with http:// and end in .pdf, that are associated with those people.  The other fields are irrelevant. 


What I want to do is have a layout that shows Field1 in a dropdown menu.  Then EITHER a button you can push that will automatically pop up the PDF associated with it, OR a "Webviewer" set up that will do the same.


Can this be done?  Or do I need to have this information on 2 different tables?


If this can't be done, do you know how to make links active?  I tried just setting up the layout as a "table" with just Field1 and Field4, and the information is there, but the links aren't active.  I would rather avoid this way of setup because it looks boring, not very creative :)


Any tips?  Thank you