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Layout turns black when clicked in Layout Mode

Question asked by CharlieJernigan_1 on May 8, 2012
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Layout turns black when clicked in Layout Mode


I am running Filemaker Pro 8 on Windows 7. I am having a problem that seems to go back to 2009 on this forum and has not been resolved as far as I can determine.

When I click in the layout, the layout area of the screen turns solid black. There may be broken lines where field borders are. As soon as I release the mouse button and the layout goes back to white. This situation makes working in layout mode impossible. This only happens in layout mode.

This happens on layouts I created in FM 4 and in layouts I created today in FM 8.  This issue is mentioned in a few post but nothing seems to have been resolved.  My other machine that runs XP does not have this problem. I have tried compatibality issues in Windows 7. I have changed screen resolution, I have disabled one graphics card (I have 2 cards SLI), I have installed the latest video driver.

I am perplexed, is there a workable solution?????