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Layout update not updating ???

Question asked by synergy46 on May 14, 2009
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Layout update not updating ???


I have two layouts:


InputLayout where I input data.


ReportLayout which is a sub-summary layout based ont he input data inn INputLayout.



After inputting data into InputLayout's portal, and after switching to ReportLayout, the inputed records are NOT present unless I run a script which takes me to a different layout, does a 'find' and jumps back to the original script.  In that situation everything is 'normal'.  


What I want is for some kind of 'refresh' to update the layout with the current records when I first enter it.  


Refresh Window DOES NOT WORK

Commit Records DOES NOT WORK


I have put both of these in scripts that run "ON RECORD LOAD" and ON LAYOUT LOAD.  That does not work.


Your thoughts are appreciated.