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    Layout using Word doc form



      Layout using Word doc form


      I have a 2 page form generated out of Word, and I would like to use it as a layout in FM.  Obviously I'll have to set up the fields to work in FM, but is it possible to import the doc to use as the actual layout?  If I cut and paste I lose the format of the original doc, and I need to keep it...  I just don't want to have to recreate the entire doc in FM, looking for a shortcut I guess...



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          You may be able to create a PDF of the form and insert it as a layout object, that won't work in Windows, but I thought I read that it could be done with a Mac.

          The other option is to capture a screen shot of the form in word and then insert or paste this graphic into the layout, moving it to the back to serve as "background" for your FileMaker layout.

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            Thanks for your reply, and sorry fo rmy delay -- I did create and pdf, was able to place it in the layout, and I started adding fileds where necessary "on top" of the pdf...  worked just fine, and then I had closed out, got side tracked by numerous other projects -- back at it today, and when I opened the layout I got the message, "The file cannot be found: Course Info Sheet.pdf"

            Any ideas for why that might have happened? I am assuming it really is gone, and I am having to start over, but I want to avoid losing it again...

            Thanks, M

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              What I do is create a pdf and rather than inserting the file, I copy sections of the pdf over to a blank layout, arrange them as I wish. After that you don't need to save the pdf as FM is no longer referencing it. I find copying over discrete sections of a complex form allows for more flexibility when tweaking the layout later on.


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                Sounds like you inserted your PDF with the "store by reference" option instead of physically inserting the actual file. WHen you deleted, moved, or renamed the PDF, FileMaker could no longer find the file to display it's contents with your layout.