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    Layout view of tables



      Layout view of tables


      I don't understand how I can see fields in browse mode of a table layout that do not show up in the layout mode of the same layout. What gives?

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          When in table mode, click "specify" in the top right corner.

          There you can specify which fields are visible and in what order they are presented in table mode.

          I always make two separate layouts. One that I only use in table mode.

          And another one to make an actual layout in form mode.

          Because when you make a layout in form mode and you add layout object like checkboxes or radio button sets. You can't see the actual data in your fields anymore.

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            That button is named "modify" in English language versions...Wink

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              Oh man, I wasn't sure.

              I knew I should have checked Embarassed

              My bad.

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                I'll try to be more precise in my question: How can there be fields in the browse mode of a table view that are not there when I switch to layout mode?

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                  You'd have to ask a FileMaker Programmer the "how" we can just tell you the "what". And the "what" here is that while you are in browse mode, you can click the modify button and select the fields you want to be visible on the layout. You can select any field from the layout's table or any related table. You can actually enter layout mode and delete all fields from the layout and this still works.

                  However, there's one important reason for putting a field on a layout used for table view: If you apply formatting--including conditional formatting to the field while it is in layout mode, this formatting will be visible when you return to browse mode. You can't do that without the field being present on the layout while in layout mode.