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Layout w/ Sliding Objects printing blank pages

Question asked by ZacherieWalker on Feb 5, 2015
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Layout w/ Sliding Objects printing blank pages


I've created a layout specifically for printing purposes only.  The layout extends 20 pages; however, we will never need all 20 pages.  I just needed enough room to fit all of the merged fields.  The fields are set to move up and enclose as necessary.  This is working properly.

The problem I'm having is this: Because the body is so large, I have a ton of blank pages in preview mode. When I go to "Preview" mode, it's showing all 20 pages, with 7 being used (This is just a sample report I've brought up to test)  Is there anyway to write a script to eliminate unnecessary pages?  I wanted this print layout to be dynamic and move around as necessary because we could have a ton of information, or very little.  Let's just say no report is ever going to have the same amount of information.

I can't find a solution anywhere for this.  FileMaker is not very friendly with printing large documents.. and I'm not really sure how to go about this anymore.