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      Layout Weight & CSS


      HI All,

      I'm using RCC's Layout Optimize database to examine the "weight" of my layout template and I was wondering what might be considered a "heavy" layout. I understand CSS and Themes' etc.. so I'm trying to minimize the local CSS i use in my layouts. I use a about 10 small graphics for my navigation head and a logo image and it comes out to be about 850 KB.. some layouts when fields are added come to 1.3MB. 

      The database will never be used via WebDirect and maybe 10 user at the most will be using at any one time over a local network.

      Just curious what others may think.


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          If you are only ever using it over a local network, layout weight is not really much of a concern. Most local networks have transfer speeds of 100 megabit or 1 gigabit over a hard-wired connection which can transfer 1.3MB in a few milliseconds

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            Yeah that's what I was thinking. My only concern which I failed to mention is the number of records that will end up in this database :)

            Thanks for your reply

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              Performance issues due to the number of records will not be greatly affected by the graphics you use on the layout. You need to be careful of found set size and layout elements that search, summarize or validate large numbers of aggregate records. Filtered portals, summary fields, conditional formats are all places where you might find such an issue.