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    Layout width



      Layout width


      I have spent hours looking for a way to change the page width of a layout. I tried setting it to lletter vis the print setup but the dotted lines go back to the small size of a label printer.

      Also, sometimes when I make a layout - the ruler on the top starts at 8.5 inches, and the window is scrolled all the way to the left!!!!!

      Any help would be most appreciated.

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          Does this happen if you try this with a brand new file? (Your file may be damaged).

          Also, the poeition of the print area limit line is a function of the page size/orientation you select in print setup and also controlled by options you might select in the Print tab of Layout setup..., so you might check there to see if multi-column printing ( such as for a labels layotu) or margins may have been specified.

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            Now I got it so it looks good as a full sheet on the screen in preview mode but only prints the area that would be used by a label printer when I do file>print> & pick correct printer @ letter size!