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    Layout woes...



      Layout woes...


           I want my layout to mimic one I've seen and I don't have the skills, apparently.

           I'm including the sample and my work as a combined frame grab.

           In the body (after a subsummary):

           I'm having trouble sizing it so that the records stack without a space between them top and bottom.

           When a field has no data it's border is not printing.  See under the 1A where there is neither a "P" nor a timing.  Also there are two records between the 24 and "need" on the far right that have no data, but I'd like their boxes still to print.

           Anticipating one question:  In layout set up, I do not have delineate checked.

           I have all the fields set to resize, but only one of the fields will regularly have more information causing it to stretch and it's orphaning the others as small boxes.  I can't figure out how to only get the side lines.  If I make a box with lines it's not resizing with the fields.   Any and all thoughts welcome.


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               Field borders simply don't work with sliding fields in tabular format like this.

               The simple solution is to remove all borders and put in a horizontal line graphic object as the Bottom border for each row of fields (make it a single line spanning the width of the screen) and set it to also slide up and resize. Then don't even try to get side borders working, just rely on "white space" to visually separate your columns of data.

               But if you really want to get those side borders, try this:

               Draw in verictical line graphic objects for the side borders. Carefully position the line's start so that it is just below but not on the dividing line between the body and the preceding layout part. Extend the line down until just one pixel crosses into the next body part. Then sort your records as appropriate for your sub summary parts and enter preview mode to see if the result is acceptable.

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                 Will give it a try.   Do you think that's what the original I'm using for inspiration did?   Or do you think he used repeating fields?


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                   Either option is possible. It's one of the few cases where a repeating field has a clear advantage over a set of related records.