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Layout woes...

Question asked by ijontichy on Jul 31, 2014
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Layout woes...


     I want my layout to mimic one I've seen and I don't have the skills, apparently.

     I'm including the sample and my work as a combined frame grab.

     In the body (after a subsummary):

     I'm having trouble sizing it so that the records stack without a space between them top and bottom.

     When a field has no data it's border is not printing.  See under the 1A where there is neither a "P" nor a timing.  Also there are two records between the 24 and "need" on the far right that have no data, but I'd like their boxes still to print.

     Anticipating one question:  In layout set up, I do not have delineate checked.

     I have all the fields set to resize, but only one of the fields will regularly have more information causing it to stretch and it's orphaning the others as small boxes.  I can't figure out how to only get the side lines.  If I make a box with lines it's not resizing with the fields.   Any and all thoughts welcome.