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    Layout/Script to Find Empty Fields



      Layout/Script to Find Empty Fields


      Is it possible to create a layout report to find empty fields?  I have a layout with a list of names and purchased items.  I would like to run a report to search this list to find any names that don't have something purchased in the item field(s).  I have created another layout to do this search but it retrieves everything.  I only want those people who haven't purchased something.  I'm attaching a screenshot of my script.  Thanks.




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          And do you want to find records in "students and courses" or in "data entry"?

          Your script searches Students and Courses while specifying criteria in a field from data entry. That will find all records in Students and courses that have at least one related record matching the specified criteria. You then use Show Omitted Only to pull up all students and courses records that did not have at least one related record matching this criteria.

          But then your script goes off the rails. When you change to a layout based on "Data Entry" you now show a layout where the found set was not in any way modified by your scripted find.

          If you want to see records from data entry as the result of your find, you should perform your find on the layout based on "Data Entry" rather than a layout based on "Students and Courses".

          PS. And the Show All Records step put in before the scripted find has no affect on the results produced. You can remove that step without seeing any change in the results produced.

          For more examples of scripted finds, you might examine this thread: Scripted Find Examples

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            Hi, thanks for the advice.  My apology.  I am very new at this.  I am basing my report on the data entry screen.  I would like my script to find all records within the data entry (invoice layout) that don't have (eg: within item field...a student card...for example)  There are many orders that didn't buy (ie: student card) I would like a report showing all these record orders.  Does my attached script look okay?  Should I add the criteria "student card" somewhere in this script?

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              It looks correct for what you describe. What happens when you run this script?