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      I'm new to FMPro, but am getting more knowledgable as each day passes.

      I wish to create a "Master Dashboard" for the database I am designing. This dashboard  is the 1st screen the users will see when they load the database.

      I want it to look simular to the pre-designed tabbed view like the starter solution "email Campaign" or with a set of menu buttons at the top of the design very much like the button design of a web page. Like the menu you see hosting my site


      If I can get it to look as close the the above url then I'll be happy as larry. image attached.

      any advice just to get the initial design layout done would be great.

      I am following the FMPro Adv essentials training on lynda.com which has been great.

      i'm a newbie, so please be gentle.




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          You should be able to use the TAB control to make the tabbed view for your dashboard easily. Simply select the tab creation tool from the tool pallete and then draw a square over the area where you want the tabbed pane. This will then give you a window to create and name each tab, decide the width of the tabs, and color of the pane. You can even decide which tab the window opens to automatically.

          I have a little trick I use to add a dashboard type menu to solutions when I have limited space to work with if you would like to see a sample I would be ahppy to share it with you.

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            Hi rjlevesque,

            That would be great if you have an example.



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              Ok here is a sample of the flip menu I use to create a neat little dashboard effect.


              This method takes a little more work, makes your solution a little more top-heavy...but the effect is awesome. My clients love the hidden menu built into their solutions. It enables you to use all the screen real estate you need and still offer a ready to use menu for full navigation at anytime.


              Going to make a sample with a tabbed top across just like you have on your site now for you to see....uploading it in a couple minutes.

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                You know I just realized something here Colin... Are you wanting to use the tabs for pages, or tabbed panes?

                Allow me to explain:

                We can use an actual tabbed pane, which will reside inside a single layout (or page). 


                We can make buttons that appear to be a tabbed menu across the top, but are actually just buttons to provide the navigation in the header. It will look like a tabbed menu to the end-user.

                So, out of these two methods, which one were you looking for exactly? I am guessing the latter of the two choices...

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                  Thanks again.

                  Were on the right tracks. Dashboard is a great idea and one I thought about.

                  So if we have the dashboard as in your download and then some menu buttons along the top that will load specific tables into the dash board with a tabbed menu that is more along the lines of my thinking. The initial dashboard will need to be empty as I would like to just populate it with some text explaining the steps for users to initially use the db.

                  A good example I suppose is similar to the free app on www.fmstartingpoint.com. interns of the buttons and tabbed layout.

                  I am curisous as to how you managed to create a layout without any tables. When I tried that it wanted tables associated with the layout.

                  I use FMProAdv 11 by the way.



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                    One way to "fool" FM is to create a table of Global Fields and use that as your layouts table. This can be as small as a single field (ie userid) then create relationships to this table and you can add portals and related fields to your layout from various tables.

                    You can use  the cartesian join so that this global table is related to every record in the data tables.  (I wouldnt use it necessarily Id just set the appropriate key fields to the tables I wanted as seperate global fields in this main table.)

                    You can go nuts (as in overboard) with this approach but it has some very distinct advantages of being able to display disparate data on the same layout.



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                      Ok, just made you a couple of sample solutions with various methods you can use to achieve what you need. Yell if you have any questions.



                      PS - Don't be too impressed by FM Starting Point...excellent work but way WAY more complicated than it needs to be for the end user. It is mostly designed as a sort of "See what all you can do with FMP" type of solution really.

                      PS2 - And it is possible to make things look EXACTLY like your web image above with a little photoshop skills to go along with your FMP skills. ;) OR even easier just use the exact same graphic buttons you use on your web site if you like. 

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                        Thanks, looking at yours I got the drift..I think. I have created a new table, no records or relationships. Just a plain old blank table.

                        I then created the layout "look" as I want it but may just have a few more questions as I go. I assume you have subscribed to this thread so hope you will keep an eye out for me should I post again.

                        Many, many thanks.


                        PS. Agree with your comments on FM Starting point. Where are you based just out of curiosity?

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                          Very welcome Colin, glad I could help. I figured a sample or two that was just very basic would help, I know it helps me to tear em apart. I am based out of Orlando, Florida USA

                          I'll keep an eye out on the thread for you and you can send me a board message anytime.

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                            I finished the dashboard layout this morning and I am sure a question will be on it's way to you shortly.....oh here we go.

                            I am assuming that anything that goes in the header section remains persistent through each tabbed layout i may do in the body?

                            have a look at ftp://colinarthurs.com/ it's the screenshot**** file.

                            We have a villa out there just off the 27 at orange tree which we use several times during the year and then rent out...small world.

                            What is the R in rjlevelque??



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                              • NOTE: For anyone keeping up with this thread, you can download the samples I have links to here and I will end the thread with an illustration/text/sample of the fix for the issue to assist anyone in the future.