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           I need to go to another layout from a script. Then in the new layout write in several fields and return to the orginal layout to continue executing the next instruction.

           So far I can't accomplish the task as I want because when I'm in the new layout the original script doesn't wait for me to enter  the info in the fields but even when the called layout is showed in the screen, the instructions keeps on executing even when I haven't enter a single character in the desired field.

           Any help will be greatly apreciated 

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               You can use a pause statement after you go to the new layout in your script and then click continue when you are ready to continue with the script. 

               You could have one button that takes you to the new layout and another button on the new layout to take you back to the original layout.

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                 Or even use a script trigger like OnRecordCommit, or after last field you enter data (and hit TAB or ENTER) OnObjectExit, to close the window