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Layouts - how to resize the layout palette?

Question asked by HSalls on Oct 25, 2011
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Layouts - how to resize the layout palette?


 I'm on a Windows machine, using FM Pro Advanced v11.  This is a database solution written by someone else in FM5 and brought up to FM Pro Adv V11.

I need to resize the page(s) to allow more space for buttons and objects.  In my research, I did find one post in these same forums here back in 2009 with an instruction.  But when I go to the far left side and double click on the "Body" or "Header" or Footer" marker, all I get is a panel that opens with a lot of Part Definition info but no selection to increase the physical size of the Body/Header/Footer.  So I'm stuck in an 8.5 in by 8.5 in box which the original designer has set.

There must be a way to increase or adjust an already existing page's size.  I've looked high and low.  Visited Edit > Preferences but no help there.  Exposed the Rulers and attempted dragging but that's not it.  I think these adjustments are supposed to be in that left hand side somewhere but I can't locate the control.

Does anyone here know how to make this adjustment?