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Layouts displaying incorrect record from a portal in another table

Question asked by ShaunG-B on Sep 27, 2010


Layouts displaying incorrect record from a portal in another table



I spent some time working on this problem in early August, and now am back again to try to sort this out.  I'm hoping there is a much simpler solution to this dilemna I am having.  Here is a link to the first post I created about this issue:

Summary: I am working with a database that is all in one file with multiple tables. There is a table called Gallery Exhibitions which displays a person's attendance records in a portal.  These records display on each individual's record, and show a history of that person's attendance to gallery exhibitions.  All data entry happens on this page and is stored in the Gallery Exhibitions table.

My client has asked me to create a read & print only layout which will display a list of the individuals that participated in a particular event or exhibition.  They want to be able to search for an event name, and print a list of all people who have a record relating to that particular event.

I have created that page in a new layout, and here is what I want this Exhibit Attendance Layout to display:

In the header of the page: Exhibit_Name, Exhibit_month, Exhibit_year (all from Exhibits table)

In the body of the page: A list of people who attended the exhibit, including First_name, Last_name, email, phone (from Master table) and Exhibit_code (from Exhibits table--this is how my client indicates whether the person was invited, attendee, curator, or artist, etc.)

This list does display.  I am able to find a list of people who have a record of participating in the exhibit I search for.  However, for each person, the Exhibit Attendance layout is displaying the FIRST record from the portal on the Gallery Exhibitions page, RATHER THAN the record that corresponds to the event I search for in the header.

This is a problem that I have encountered numerous times in this database, with other similar layouts that display records from portals in other tables.  It always displays the FIRST record in the portal, not the record that corresponds to what I have searched for.

Ideas for a simple way to display this information correctly?

Thanks very much... ~ ShaunGB