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Leading zeros missing when importing from .xlsx file.

Question asked by dysartj on Aug 25, 2009
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Leading zeros missing when importing from .xlsx file.




I have noted several posts about this issue, but have not found a solution, only workarounds. The identical file in .xls format has worked flawlessly.


Here are the parameters of my project:

1. Excel (.xlsx) cells are formatted as text.

2. FmPro 10.0.3 receiving fields are text

3. The original data is in delimited text form using a semi-colon as the separator, so is imported to Excel to make it available for FMPro and to set text options.


This obviously is due to a difference in how FMPro interacts with .xlsx versus .xls.


Is this issue currently being tested?


I have several situations and numerous scripts where these leading zeros are important. It would be helpful if I didn't have to go through my databases to compensate for this.


thanks for any guidance you may have.