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Question asked by ZiteMedia on Jun 19, 2013


Leads & Accounts, Forms & Tables


     This is a follow-up post on the answer that was given to me by "DaSaint" last month.  Obviously that post was closed so i hope someone can pick this up from here...  (I've pasted DaSaint's post below this one, for clarity)


     So, just to make sure we understand each other well:

     I'm now in the process of creating one big single central table containing all the fields that i'd need for both Leads and Accounts. It's my intention, and i assume this can be done easily, to have separate form-views though: One for Leads, and one for Accounts.  Agree?

     When working in the Leads form, a simple toggle or drop down menu somewhere should allow me to convert a Lead to become an Account.  This means, from that moment on, it will only appear in the Account form and not anymore in the Leads form.  Possible?

     Finally, please note that out of my big unified "leads & accounts" table, approx 1/3rd of the fields should be visible in the Leads form only,  1/3rd should be visible in the Accounts form only, and about 1/3rd of the fields should be visible in both forms.   Guess that's not a problem either, correct?





     Hey Thierry,

     An ID field in Filemaker wil typically be a field named "Id" of the type "Number" set to auto enter a "Serial Number".

     If you have seen any of my video's you will see that I start every single table with this kind of field.

     Whether you should put your leads and your accounts in different tables or not is a question that only time or some testing might tell.

     Maybe to keep it simple start with two tables. You can always separate leads and accounts later.

     Just put all your companies in one table and give them a "Type" field where you automatically set the new ones to be leads and make that a dropdown so it can also be turned into an "Account".

     Then if your contact will always only be related to one Lead / Account you don't need the join table.

     With this simple system you have two related tables and you are keeping it really simple untill you learn a little more about filemaker.

     So you'll need:

     Id (A number field set to auto enter a "Serial Number"
     Company (Text)
     Type ( A text field set to auto enter Data "Lead" )

     Id (A number field set to auto enter a "Serial Number"
     CompanyIdFk (This is a simple number field) - Here we will store the ID of the related Company
     c_FullName (A Calculation field set to combine the first name by using the following calculation: FirstName & " " & LastName )
     Then in the relationships dialogue you create a relationship between the ID Field of the Companies table and the CompanyIdFk field of the Contacts table.

     Then you create a layout based on the Companies table and you create a portal diwplaying records from "Contacts"

     If you want to be able to create contacts from this companies layout you need to edit the settings of the relationship and "Allow the creation of records via this relationship" on the contacts side of the relationship.

     You might also want to check "Delete related records if a record is deleted in this table" So that when you delete a company the related contact is also removed. You don't need that contact then anymore, because like you said they are always only linked to one company.

     There, that should be a good start. Let us know if you get stuck.