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League Standings for Sport Teams

Question asked by JimHealey_1 on Dec 25, 2013
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League Standings for Sport Teams


     I am creating a historical record for a league that has football, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc.  I have added the results from each contest from 1928 to the present.  However, I'm getting lost trying to use this data to calculate team standings by season, as well as create a won-loss record against opponents by sport.  Basically, there are 8 schools, they play a number of sports, at different levels (varsity, B, C, etc.) and have coaches associated with each.  I'm not concerned about players at this time.

     I have a Team File (Team ID, Team, Coach, Coach ID); a Games File (year, sport, level, winner, loser, winner score, loser score) and a Sport File (Sport, level).  I did not think I needed to add a School File for the school names, though I understand that each team is associated with a school.

     Creating the standings layout has my stumped as creating the relationships leaves me scratching my head..  Using Filemaker 11 on a mac. Suggestions appreciated