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    Learn to LOOP



      Learn to LOOP


      Ok Here is a good rookie question:



      I have a script that converts a Longitude string to a numeric value.


      I want to create another script that calls this script and set the resulting calculated value to a field in my table (table::LongInSeconds)

      Here I want to assign ALL Records in this table to this value.


      How do you efficiently loop all records for this calculation to occur?



      idea 1 

      GoToRecord (Next) 

      If [Get (recordnumber) = Get (foundcount) ]

      Exit Script [] 


      GoToRecord (Next) 

      Perform Script Calculation

      (How do you loop here? )



      idea 2 


      GoToRecord (Next) 

      Perform Script Calculation

      (how do you break not go go endless?)





      OR it is something I'm too tired to figure it out?


      Thanks for any suggestions


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          Some times the best loop is not to loop at all. The Replace Field Contents tool can be used to assign the same value, a serial number or a calculated value to the same field of every record in your found set.


          A looping primer:

          enclose the body of your loop between the script steps Loop and End Loop.

          Use the script step Exit Loop If [] to check and see if conditions for exiting a loop have occurred and if so exit the loop. (Execution continues with the next step after the End Loop step.)

          When you are looping through a found set of records and want to exit the loop after processing the last record in your found set, use Go To Record [next; exit after last].

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            Very wise!

            Thanks a lot.


            :smileywink:In this order:

            1- Had a shower

            2- Read your answer

            3- Understood

            4- Ready to implement