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Learn to LOOP

Question asked by BetoBoton on Aug 19, 2009
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Learn to LOOP


Ok Here is a good rookie question:



I have a script that converts a Longitude string to a numeric value.


I want to create another script that calls this script and set the resulting calculated value to a field in my table (table::LongInSeconds)

Here I want to assign ALL Records in this table to this value.


How do you efficiently loop all records for this calculation to occur?



idea 1 

GoToRecord (Next) 

If [Get (recordnumber) = Get (foundcount) ]

Exit Script [] 


GoToRecord (Next) 

Perform Script Calculation

(How do you loop here? )



idea 2 


GoToRecord (Next) 

Perform Script Calculation

(how do you break not go go endless?)





OR it is something I'm too tired to figure it out?


Thanks for any suggestions