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Learning Anchor Buoy - A couple basic questions

Question asked by DarenKalahan on Oct 10, 2010
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Learning Anchor Buoy - A couple basic questions


Just started building my first database and have decided to change to the anchor buoy method. I've watched the Kevin Frank Powerpoints on Anchor Buoy ( ) and read the Daniel Antunes article here Anchor-Buoy but am still grappling with the method.


- Which tables are my natural anchors? Is it important to choose the anchors carefully?
- Does the anchor buoy method still require many join tables to remedy many-to-many relationships?

The attached photo is where I'm at so far. Basically, it's just my old spider diagram made to look like the anchor buoy layout - I'm sure it's very wrong! Would love some guidance; thank you so much for your time.

(Also - I know the naming methods are still wrong - no need for coaching on that.)

Again, thank you!