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Learning Filemaker 11

Question asked by dougcummings on Jan 1, 2012
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Learning Filemaker 11


I have been using Filemaker for several weeks now, probably about two months, and so far so good. Up to a point. A few items have appeared to which I cannot find the solutions. 

a) Merging files. I used dBase for years and when I first started doing data entry, in the early days of DOS, computers could not accept large files so I had to create and use a lot of smaller files. Over time many were merged into larger files but I still have several hundred files most of which should be merged into fewer but larger files. The problem is how to do it. The Missing Manual book on Filemaker 11 and the Filemaker 11 manual do not offer any clues on how to do this. Or if they do it is well hidden and I have been unable to find it. Can anyone help on this?

b) The Find/Replace command. Again with dBase the Microsoft alternate keyboard codes that I used are completely different from the alternate keyboard codes used in Filemaker 11. As an example, alt + 171 used to be the code for 1/2. It is now alt + 0189. Every fraction and every foreign letter and many symbols have changed as a result. The result is a lot of changes have to be made in the Filemaker files. I have used the Find/Replace command successfully to do this numerous times, with no problems. But I have encountered some instances where it just does not work. I have two at the moment which are a problem, and a big problem, as if I was to do the changes manually (as I would probably do if there were only a few to do) it would take hours and hours as there are over a thousand records that would have to be changed in some files. In particular the ü completely disappears when a file is converted from dBase to Filemaker. I have tried using the Find/Replace command and it keeps coming back saying no files changed, unable to find (or words to that effect). So what should be Hütte appears as Htte, and Münster appears as Mnster, etc. This is not the only letter affected like this. One or two disappear completely and a blank space appears where they should be. It is hard to issue a Find/Replace command for blank spaces. 

Any suggestions on solving this one?