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    Learning FileMaker for my business... Is this possible?



      Learning FileMaker for my business... Is this possible?


           Good Morning Everyone! 


           I am rather new to filemaker so please hear me out. The company I work for needs to have its assets managed so I am undertaking a bit of self taught filemaker training. We are working with filemaker 13 if that helps.


           What I have so far is an asset database I made from scratch. I imported the excel data we use, and so far have set up printers and computers. We need a system in place that when a computer or printer changes ownership, that change is recorded. 


           Is it possible to save a "changelog" of information that changes within a record? Has anyone ever done something like this before?

           For example... if Joe leaves the company, we take Joe's name off of the laptop record and change it to a spare laptop. Is there a field, formula, or solution that would best capture that change?