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Learning scripting...

Question asked by cheathamtech on Dec 8, 2009
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Learning scripting...


I've bought two books on FM10... one is the massive 700 page tome from Filemaker..  the other is the Missing Manual book.


Both are very good and I've learned a lot from them...


But it occurs to me that I need a whole book on scripting/calculations...  Both my books presume a level of knowledge I don't have.


Is there a book out there that teaches scripting using FM10 that assumes you know absolutely NOTHING about  

IF... parameters...  [ vs. "...etc.  I want to do things and I know FM10 will do them, but I don't speak this language.. AT ALL.


It would be nice to have a three page explanation of the basics of scripting or writing calculations.  I can't even find that.


Any direction would be appreciated...