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Learning Sever 13 with ?

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Jan 3, 2014
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Learning Sever 13 with ?


I am posting this general question here as well as in the server forum, because I want the chance the volunteer community leader has input, for he always has incredibly great advice and solutions. Thanks

I have been leaning and working in FileMaker for the last four months. It has been incredible. FileMaker is incredible and it community of helpful talented users and resources are so robust. I am having a great time and I am happy I am learning something so useful. It has also put me in a better place as a beginning programmer. In four months I am more comfortable with programing concepts than I had been in 2 years with C++ and PHP.

My question is now that I am enjoying the new Features of FileMaker 13 I see some concepts mentioned that I think were not available in version 12 that I think relate to FileMaker Sever. For example FileMaker Web Direct. So the main question I have is; Is it a good idea to start trying to learn FileMaker Sever with training for version 12. Like this one for example. I know that new versions of software can really be time specific, so it can make good sense to learn the current version. However I also know when new versions of software come out it may take a while for new training to arrive,  and I am anxious to get started learning an aspect of FileMaker I know nothing about. Thanks