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Learning to use variables with button fields

Question asked by algae592002 on Jan 1, 2014


Learning to use variables with button fields


     I've started a new file to track scores for an assessment tool I want to use with my students.

     It is a one page layout with only a body. I've created several fields for each of the 77 items I need.

     One field (_1a) has a unique character that inputs automatically when creating a record.

     A second field (_a1Tag) takes in only a "0 or a 1" value, to use with a calculation for totaling the items.

     What I want to do, is click on the field (_1a) that's on the layout and have it act like a button that will insert a 1 if there's a 0, or a 0 if there's a 1 in field (_a1Tag).

     So far I can only come up with the idea of writing a script for each of the 77 items, in order to accomplish this.

     I'm wondering if by using a variable, I could write one overarching script the all these fields could use, vs 77 scripts.

     Not sure how I could get the variable part of the script to recognize what field button I'm clicking, so it knows what tag field it needs to look at and change the value.

     Any help would be appreciated. Happy new year to everyone.