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Legacy Filemaker Problems, Calculations, Calc fields

Question asked by FredShowker on Dec 7, 2012
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Legacy Filemaker Problems, Calculations, Calc fields


     How do you access and EDIT the calculation in a calculation field created in Filemaker 5 ???

     The database works perfectly, as I programed it ten years ago, but now in this latest version of FMP, they've moved everything, and renamed everything and taken away all of the keyboard commands and I'm crippled.

     This field gathers other field ontents to form text entry . All I want to do is change the field order in the calculation.

     How do you CREATE a NEW calculation field.

     I'm used to clicking "New Field" ... type = Calculation ... Edit ... and get the window where you tell it which fields you want combined in the field. Today, I cannot even find the "New Field" command.


     I've used FileMaker since it was introduced... day ONE.