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    Legacy issue



      Legacy issue


      Hi all, new here, please be gentle with me!

      I have three ageing PPC macs networked together running an old FM6 database which is critical to my business.

      Just upgraded two of them machines from Tiger OSX to Leopard OSX.

      Since upgrading FM6 runs fine on the main machine which also serves the other two.

      I can run FM6 on the other machines but I cannot successfully connect to my database on the main (server) machine since upgrading from either of the other machines (one on Tiger, one on Leopard).

      I realise that this is an ancient version of FM, but unfortunately it is the latest version that the filemaker developer got up to.

      I need to be able to run this still for at least another 6 months or so.

      Does anyone out there have any idea what the connectivity issues are and if they can be solved?

      A bit more info, the machines are still networked fine and FM6 does start over the network and lets me log in, but then gets stuck before it can open many files.

      Thanks in advance for any help/advice (apart of course from the obvious get new machines etc!)

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          Please describe the exact steps you are taking in order to open the files over your network.

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            I have a file on the desktop of the satellite machines which I double click and it opens up FM6 on the local machine and automatically starts the connection over the network to the server machine.

            I spent an hour on the phone with the developer yesterday. He came to the conclusion that the initial connection was being made okay, but that something else was causing the hang. Unfortunately he is bogged down with an urgent new project and could not spend any more time investigating what the problem may be. This kind of leaves me in the lurch to say the least!

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              Unfortunately you can't access external data source references in FileMaker 6 like you can in current versions. I suspect a bad external data source reference may be slowing down the opening of your files. Either that or you have a script set to run when the file opens that has an issue.

              FileMaker 6 is limited to one table per file so your system likely consists of many files that all have to have the correct name and location inorder for the different files to be able to find each other and access the data they contain so moving the files from one location to another could, possibly create issues if an external data source reference for one or more of these files doesn't work.

              Let's try this test:

              Launch Filemaker 6 without opening any database files on your local machine. Then try using Open Remote from the File menu to find and open the file hosted on the server. This may rule out issues with the local file or we may see a problem with the open remote process that could not be seen when using your local file to access the hosted database.

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                Right, thanks for the speedy help first of all!

                Now, you must understand I usually only use FM through the developers interface, so this may take me a while......

                Okay FM6 with my database is running on main machine (I really don't want to corrupt any data, so should I shut it down first and backup before playing?)

                FM6 is running standalone on one of the other macs too.....

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                  I may have misunderstood your last post..... you want me to open FM on my server (main) machine without using the special start file on the desktop - is that right?

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                    Frequent backups are always a good idea, but using Open Remote to access the database should not damage it. Either you will succeed in opening the file or fail. Even the failure mighg provide a clue as to why you cannot connect to it.

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                      Okay database has been backed up and FM6 is open on main (server) machine - same machine that the database is on.....

                      Clicked file open remote and it comes back with a Hosts box which is blank apart from a small box at the bottome with Local Host Directory Service and Specify Host in it...... where do I go from there?

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                        you need to do the open remote step from one of the other computers.

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                          Ah, that's what I thought first of all, but then thought I had misunderstood!

                          Okay here goes........

                          Right, when I do that it shows the same in the lower box, but it also has two identical afp addresses in it.

                          Should my server database already be open though?

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                            If I click on either of the two identical afp addresses it does not come up with the okay button to connect.

                            Will try again after opening the database on the server.......

                            When I start up FM6 from the special start file on the desktop of the file, it displays splash screens whilst opening the files and also says something like allowing multi user guest acces over the network.

                            Okay, now on the networked machine, when I click on local hosts it now comes up with start up file (on I presume my server).


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                              Guess you guys must be in England too and have gone to your beds....... either that or my lack of under the hood FM experience is driving you nuts!

                              My bed is calling me too, but I really do need to get to the bottom of this if anyone can help.


                              Cheers all.

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                                On the server machine, locate the database.  Not the Opener File or anything else.  Double-click it to launch it.

                                Go to another client machine.  Launch Filemaker directly from the 'Programs' menu.  If it offers to open files, cancel that.

                                In the running Filemaker application, choose File - Open Remote

                                In the top left of the 'Open...' dialogue choose the option 'Local Hosts' (as opposed to 'Favourite Hosts', say) from the drop-down menu

                                In the left pane you should see the IP address and/or the name of the Server machine.  If not tell us that.

                                Click on the server name.

                                In the right pane you will see all the files that it is hosting.  Click on one, and click 'Open'.

                                You may be asked for a password which either you may know, not know, or may have been coded into the launcher file.

                                If any of those steps fail tell us where and what happens.

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                                  Hi again, sorry for the delay in replying.......

                                  I will have to come back to this another time, as I am getting further and further behind with work and everyone wants their work back before Christmas! I started upgrading and reinstalling software late Friday night, and have been problem solving pretty much solid since then.

                                  Right now I just have to break off to try and catch up or I'll be in real trouble next week!

                                  Will get back onto it as soon as I get up to date with all the Christmas orders. In the meantime I have been back on to the original filemaker developer who has also posted a request for help amongst his peers......

                                  This morning I also created a new user account on my server mac and tried it again after a restart, but again no luck. Still stalls after a little while.

                                  Later all, and thanks for your help so far!

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                                    Hello and thanks for previous efforts at helping me with the above problems.

                                    I have given up trying to get the database working on Leopard OSX, even though the developer swears blind it should work as a server okay!

                                    Since then I have bought two Intel macs, both running Leopard, and they too refuse to allow networked computers use the database when they are acting as the server. After spending a couple of weeks getting the new computers as I wanted them I decided to do a fresh instal of Tiger on my old PPC G4 Powermac.

                                    And guess what? The tiger system allows the networked computers to see the server again!

                                    For now, I will host the filemaker Pro6 database on the old G4. Not ideal, but a workaround seeing nothing else works.

                                    Thanks again for the ideas and help.

                                    Cheers Russell F