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    Legal issue



      Legal issue


      The company I work for does not beleive me when I say that no license is required for a stand alone. Is there a place that specifies the legalities for stand alone (or run time) FM programs?

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          MichaelAlex wrote:
          Is there a place that specifies the legalities for stand alone (or run time) FM programs?


          Your FMPA license.
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            You can draw the example that a company that generates a Microsoft Word document doesn't have a separate license agreement/requirement for each Word document it creates.  A FileMaker Pro database file is the same thing in essence.  The FileMaker Pro Advanced application - the thing that opens/displays/generates the FileMaker Pro run-time database is the intellectual property that the license follows and the FileMaker Pro Advanced license allows you to distribute the executable within the run-time.


            Hope this analogy helps!

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                 This is a good one! I tried something similiar in using Excel, but we have several versions of excel roaming around so this didn't work much. Word makes more sense, thanks for that.
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                Thank you for your posts.


                From the "FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced Development Guide" page 6, it says:


                Abiding by the license agreement for runtime solutions


                The FileMaker Pro Advanced license agreement allows you royalty-free distribution of an unlimited number of FileMaker Pro runtime database solutions.  However, there are several terms and conditions in the license agreement you must abide by, including the following:

                   You must provide all of the end-user technical support.

                   You must provide an "About" layout that includes your name, address, and the telephone number for your technical support.  For more information about creating an About layout, see the next section.


                Note: You must read and agree to the terms and conditions of the FileMaker Pro Advanced license agreement, available through the FileMaker Pro Advanced installer, before using the FileMaker Pro Advanced software".




                For more information, please read the Development Guide, or you can view it on our web site at:






                FileMaker, Inc.