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Legal/Illegal Password Character Set and Validation Methods

Question asked by johnhorner on Dec 5, 2011
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Legal/Illegal Password Character Set and Validation Methods


i have a script to create, edit and delete accounts.  i have a couple questions with regard to this.

first, is the set of allowed characters for passwords the same as whatever operating system you are running on or is it something else?  related to this, it just occurred to me, is this the same as the set of allowed characters for naming tables and fields as well (less important, but still curious... i never use anything but letters and "_" currently)?

back to passwords... i would like to test that the user has entered an acceptable password (no illegal characters) before calling either of the script steps involving it (e.g. add account, change password).  i didn't see anything in the field validation options that looked appropriate but perhaps i could make a custom function (or perhaps there are existing functions) i could use to write a calculation that would evaluate the proposed password (temporarily stored in a global field).  i was thinking perhaps a recursive function (i.e. "isvalid ( text )") that would go character by character through the text and return a true or false (? if for example, i wanted to constrain the user to use only alphanumeric characters (and nothing like "!, @#$... etc, assuming those are legal?) any tips on how best to do that?

lastly, assuming my validation step did not function properly, and it sent a password that filemaker does not accept, what would happen?  would the script just exit or halt (if i am in a subroutine) or would the user then be prompted by filemaker to enter a valid password (i guess i could prevent this with set error capture on maybe?)

please help... thanks!