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Legalities of FileMaker Plug-in SDK, etc.

Question asked by nitrate on Feb 19, 2010
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Legalities of FileMaker Plug-in SDK, etc.


I'm an open source developer, in the midst of making various useful things for FileMaker, that will both interact as separate libraries, and also FM plugins.


But I can't. I'm not allowed to.


For example, here's a sample file from the FileMaker Plug-in SDK, which is required to build a working FileMaker plugin:


 *    Copyright 1998-2005 FileMaker, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
 * FMXBinaryData.h is part of the FileMaker Plug-in SDK.
 * THIS FILE CANNOT BE REDISTRIBUTED in source code (or human readable)
 * form, it cannot be modified, and it is only provided to enable licensees of
 * FileMaker Pro Advanced to compile plug-ins for use with FileMaker products.


Such language stipulates that I am now in a situation and have two options: release binary only and be against the whole point of opensource, or, provide my code but provide no means to actually make it work should anyone else want to contribute.This is a redundant legality, since the only people who could make use of such code would need to have purchased your software, and thus be entitled to the Plug-in SDK anyway.


FileMaker, could you work something out here?  I'm not asking for you to open source your SDK, but at least let me include it with anything I realise. You won't lose anything.


And finally, am I going to get in trouble for encapsulating your error messages into my libraries? When your XML interface gives back numbers instead of strings, I would like to be able to give users of my libraries the ability to have some sort of error message so they can work it out.