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Lending Library (Enterance and Exit)

Question asked by KenanKadić on Aug 6, 2013
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Lending Library (Enterance and Exit)


     Greetings all!


     Our library just purchased FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 and we are using it to develop a solution for lending books but also for keeping track of people who come in and go out of the library.I am relatively new to FileMaker so forgive me for asking potentially rookie questions.


     I have a table filled with users and I have created a layout for it. I also created a second table within the same database. This table has three fields:


     1. UserID (number field)

     2. EnterTIME (timestamp field)

     3. ExitTIME (timestamp field)


     What I would like to achieve is the following:


     1. User enters the library and comes to the reception

     2. Library clerk finds the user in the database and clicks the "Enterance" button

     3. User enters the reading room and starts using the library resources

     4. When finished, user exits the reading room and goes to the reception again

     5. Library clerk finds the user in the database and clicks the "Exit" button


     I guess the script should use the UserID field of the currently viewed record in conjunction with CurrentTime parameter? That info should then be written to the separate table created for that purpose.


     How would I go about configuring the "Enterance" and "Exit" buttons in order to achieve this? I guess the tricky thing for this script is for it to be aware of a user being in the reading room or not. I say this because I'd like to avoid doubling the number of records in the database - one for enterance and one for exit. But more importantly, I'd like to be able to list users that are currently in the reading room so something like "if ExitTIME is empty then user is still in the reading room".


     Many thanks!