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Lending Library customization of "check-in / check-out"

Question asked by DonnaZi on Jan 28, 2011
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Lending Library customization of "check-in / check-out"


Using FM 11, I am trying to modify the lending library starter template to make a material library for architectural samples.

Regarding customization of check out / check in :

A.) I would like to allow the user to click "check out," on the record asset form view layout, and have an automatic due date of 30 days later, with an automatic email reminder 25 days after check-out. no manual input.

B.) i also want to get rid of the time of day — it's unnecessary.

C.) "Check in" of items will be done not by the user, but only by the administrator, from buttons on the "items out on loan" list view. 

D.) it would be great if the user can click "check out" on the record asset form view and get a small pop-up window taking them through the simple process of creating basic contact record (if first-time user), selecting their name from contact list (if existing user), and seeing a confirmation that the check-out was processed. then the pop-up can disappear automatically, (or manual close is ok), and the viewer is back to their prior window (showing the item status as checked-out).

Please note, i am a beginner, can navigate the basic back end, but have no experience with calculation fields or custom scripts or code. I am also really confused about what global records are, how they are created, etc.

Please see attached screenshot for the asset form view i'm hoping the user will see.

Any step-by-step instructions would be great! thank you in advance.