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Lending Library script modification

Question asked by MusicAndPerformingArtsDept on Mar 25, 2012
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Lending Library script modification


Hi, I have already had several posts on this topic but I think I am getting close now (Sorry guys). I have re - ordered the standard check out script of the lending library preset in an attemt to select a borrower and due date first, then scan multiple assets to one borrower.

I have managed to get the script to work up until the point that is highligted, ie. it will successfully selct a borrower, due date, search for multiple assets. However I can't seem to figure out why the set field scripts originally in the 'History' table won't work when used in the script. As far as I can tell it appears to be simply setting a number of fields (History :: Date and Time, Assets :: stautus; "Not available"), and the first thing the 'Process check out' script searches for is the item's status, preventing users from checking out an asset that has already been borrowed. I am trying to make this part of the search script so if an item's status is 'available' it will set the history and asset status fields.