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lending library-boxed set loans

Question asked by silver1 on Oct 10, 2009
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lending library-boxed set loans


I am using filemaker pro 10

mac OS 10.5.8 


I have used the filemake 'lending library template' to biuld my own lending library.

I have approx 200 assets and 100 contacts

In most cases I lend 1 or more assets to 1 contact. This is working well.


I would like to add the ability to loan 1 item that has multiple assets assigned to it.


Most times assets are loaned as single items but at other times I need assets to be loaned as a boxed set.

I am hoping to achieve this with a single loan that groups the assets (instead of making say 6 loans to a contact)

I need ability to loan items as both single assets and as boxed set.


example: one day - loan 'electric drill No1'  

next day - loan 'electric drill with 6 specialist attachments' 

the drill and six attachments all exist as separate assets (total of 7 assets in my assets list) 


This seems complicated to me. 


I think it requires a script but I am not sure where to start.

At check out - 

It would need to check which items are in the boxed set.

Check if items are available or not available (status field)

Place available boxed set items in a field that is recorded with the loan.

change the status of assets loaned in the boxed set.


At check in -

change status of assets in boxed set



thankyou in advance to anyone who can help.