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Lepoard 10.5 and sharing filemakerpro 9.03

Question asked by calliex on May 1, 2009


Lepoard 10.5 and sharing filemakerpro 9.03


We have been running filemaker since 8.5 and now 9 on Macintosh G5 running 10.4 (tiger) osx server.

We created a filemaker user and shared on database among 4 users using sharing and filemaker network. This has ran for about six months.

we would use fast user switching to changes users all the while the database was running as the filemaker user.  Never had a problem accesing the database.

We have filemaker 10 but have not had time to get familiar with it.


Last week we wiped the G5 and installed Lepoard 10.5.

Installed filemaker in the filemaker user(fmp)

Fired up the database and was able to get into it from the remote machine

Swtched to the generic user on the machine using fast user switching.

Can not see the database now.  It still up and running as the fmp user.

Made fmp active user until I find out how to fix the problem.


When screen saver comes on the database disappears remotely.

Turned screen saver off.



Any idea what is happening?

Do I need OSX server lepoard?




Univ of Pittsburgh