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Let function

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Aug 30, 2012
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Let function


I have three functions i need to do as a part of a loop... the first is perform this calculaiton:   

     ( 100 - GetValue ( $discount_pct  ; $counter ))  * (GetValue ($toplinenumber ; $counter)/100)) works perfectly....


Next i need to multiply that result by (FL::FL_FSC/100)


Third i need to add the result of that calculation to the original calculation.


I thought of doing it this way:


Let (~num = [ ( 100 - GetValue ( $discount_pct  ; $counter ))  * (GetValue ($toplinenumber ; $counter)/100))]  

Let (~fsc = [(~num *  FrontierLogistics 2::FL_FSC/100)]

~num + ~fsc   ... is the result that will be placed in the field. 


I don't have the correct syntex, what should it be?