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    Let Statement



      Let Statement


      How do i do a Let statement that segragates the states for me?

      Ex... ~W = the 11 westeren states of AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OR, UT, WA and WY?

      I tried doing exactly this way but its looking for a filemaker field.

      Do i have to make a filemaker varable for each State?



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          Can't really say.

          What exactly are you trying to do? What do you mean by "segregate" and what are your segregating? Records in a table? In a portal? Values combined in a single field?

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            The US will be broken up in to 4 regions.

            ~W region = AZ, CA....

            ~MW region = IL, IN, IA...

            I need a clean way to have ~W = all of the w states, ~MW = all of those...

            Then ill do a case statement, ~W = Quote::QTshipperstate; Discounts::DcustperW_W

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              Im doing it with in the script pulling the info from tables.

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                Which means that you need a field for the State abbreviations.

                Add a calculation field with this expression: (Don't really need the Let function)

                Case ( PatternCount ( "AZ CA" ; YourTable::State ) ; "~w" ;
                          PatternCount ( "IL IN IA" ; YourTable::State ) ; "~mw" ;
                          // and so forth and including all desired state abbreviations in the above lists as well...

                And you won't need the case function you are describing if you define a relationship that matches records using the above calculation field and the Quote::QTshipperstate field. You don't even need a script, a looked up value or auto-enter calculation can copy the current quote for that region into a field in your main table via this relationship. (By copying the value this way, a rate change will only affect new records and past records will not update to show a rate that was not current at the time the record was created.)

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                  Ill try it.


                  Thank you

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                    Im doing the calculated field. I created fields in the rate calculation table called shipstate and constate.

                    Below is the calculation im putting in the Rate Calculation::shipstate field. It won't accept the ("IL IN IA KY..." ; i get the error message "the specificed field can not be found.

                    Its looking for a filemake field... I thought thats what im trying to do.

                    If the shipstate is AZ it will assign ~ W to that. I then to the "constate", get the value for that. Lets say thats IL so that will get the value ~MW...

                    I compare this with my discounts table, find the amount that represents W to MW, pull that number and * it...

                    Case (
                                    Patterncount ("AZ CA CO ID MT NV NM OR UT WA WY"; Rate Calculation::Shipstate); "~W';
                                    Patterncount ("IL IN IA KY MI OH WV WI" ; Rate Calculation::Shipstate) ; "~MW";

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                      You have a single quote after ~W where you need a double quote, judging by what you have just posted.

                      You have:


                      You should have:


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                        That was it,


                        Thank you

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                          Thats working well.

                          Great Idea.

                          Thank you